"This Sex Toy belongs to the BESTSELLER Line created by Toyz4Lovers: the best products ever sold from MSX Distribution Srl.It’s a developer pump that, thanks to the air pressure being supplied with its handy and efficient pump, it will make harder and impressive your erections. The materials of excellent quality, phthalate-free, make the pump transparent, so you will be able to view the progress of the penis. For a correct use of the product, we recommend the combination with a lubricant. Material: PVC (phthalates free) Length: 19 cm Diameter: 5 cm Colour: black Waterproof"

  • ItemCode: 00500748
  • Materials: PVC
  • Diameter: 5 CM;
  • Length: 19 CM;
  • Color: NERO
  • Manufacturer: TOYZ4LOVERS;