"This KIT belongs to the BESTSELLER Line created by Toyz4Lovers: the best products ever sold from MSX Distribution Srl.The kit includes: 1 Anal Vibrator with multi-speed vibrations and realistic connotations, soft and extremely flexible. Length 15.5 cm. Diameter 2.5 cm. 1 x AA batteries (not included). Material: TPE. 1 vibrating egg characterized by the linear model and the velvety touch, and it’s combined with an ergonomic remote control to manage the 4 levels of vibration provided. Length 10.5 cm. Diameter 2.5 cm. 2 x AA batteries (not included). Material: ABS. 1 anal stimulator with elastic ring to wear on your fingers for manual stimulation. Soft and flexible, it has a discrete size and gradual diameter that is ideal for external stimulations or very soft penetration. Length 5.5 cm. Diameter: from 0.7 to 1.7 cm. Material: TPE. 1 anal plug with pyramidal shape and discrete size, extremely comfortable and flexible with suction cup at the base to keep it strongly to smooth surfaces. Length: 11 cm. Diameter: 1 to 2.5 cm. Material: TPE 1 anal Dildo that has an ergonomic design with 6 balls with a diameter that gradually increase, with an effect extra smooth and supple to the touch. Length 24 cm. Diameter 1.7 cm - 3 cm. Material: PVC"

  • ItemCode: 00800670
  • Materials: ABS;PVC;TPE;
  • Vibration: YES;
  • Diameter: 2,5 CM; 0,7 CM; 1 CM; 1,7 CM; 3 CM;
  • Length: 24 CM; 15,5 CM; 10,5 CM; 11 CM; 5,5 CM;
  • Batteries: 3 X AA NOT INCLUDED;
  • Format: 5 PCS;
  • Color: PURPLE
  • Manufacturer: TOYZ4LOVERS;