"ROCCO VACUUM PUMP is a product of the line Rocco Siffredi Sex Toys. Strengthen your erections and make it last for more and moreā€¦ and more, with ROCCO VACUUM PUMP! The transparent cylinder allows you to see with every pump you do how your penis grows and becomes big, while the simple pressure gauge indicates how much pressure you exerted. The tube is made of thick, durable ABS and marked with the standard metric scale so that you can measure the growth of your penis. The precision pressure gauge allows you to monitor your progress and view the amount of vacuum pressure. When you have reached the desired size of the penis just release the valve to relieve pressure. When you have finished simply detach the cylinder from the vacuum hose and restore it to the initial situation."

  • ItemCode: 00801627
  • Materials: SILICONE; ABS;
  • Diameter: 6 CM;
  • Length: 35,5 CM;
  • Color: NERO
  • Manufacturer: TOYZ4LOVERS;